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New Smart Chip cards are coming. In the next few days you will receive your new Smart Chip Versailles Savings & Loan Mastercard Debit Card. You will notice the new design & EMV microchip. We are issuing these new cards, embedded with security chips, to help protect you against fraud when you make your next in-store purchase. Please follow the directions in the mailer to activate your new card. If you have automatic payments set up from your debit card you will need to update your card information as your new card will have a new CVV number and expiration date. Your account number will not change. Please contact us at (937) 526-4515 if you have questions about your new card.

Savings  0.03% - 0.15% APY See all Rates
Christmas Club  0.05% APY See all Rates
IRA Certificates  1.01% APY See all Rates
Education Savings  1.01% APY See all Rates
182 Day Certificate  0.10% APY See all Rates
 ** Specials **   See all Rates
 8 MO Certificate  0.15% APY See all Rates
 25 MO Certificate
48 MO Certificate

 0.40% APY

1.00% APY

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 See all Rates




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